In order for food to be halal (the Arabic word for “lawful” or “permitted”), it must follow certain rules like not containing pork or alcohol. But what about makeup? A company called Samina Pure Mineral Makeup set out to make products that would not violate any of the Koran’s laws. Samina, which means “healthy,” started in London as a Muslim woman’s response to traditional makeup lines. From their About Us page:

Samina pure mineral makeup started as a personal quest to find makeup without any animal and alcohol content, which would also be cruelty free.  The founder Samina, was horrified to find that many High Street brands contain animal and alcohol derived ingredients, if not both then either one or the other.

This inspired her to develop her own unique range of completely pure and natural beauty products which would use the highest quality ingredients, and come with a purity assurance in the form of the Halal accreditation. ( Halal is a purity assurance which complies to very strict guide lines, ensuring all ingredients tracing right back to their raw sources and production procedures are all checked and verified as free from animal and alcohol derived ingredients.)

But what about the products? Samina sells all the usual stuff – powder, lipstick, eyeshadow – as well as makeup brushes and kits. We haven’t gotten to try any of them yet, but the idea of using products that are animal-friendly is certainly appealing, religion or no religion.