Are you someone who likes to constantly switch up their hair color? Before you know it, you could be using a hair dye that changes colors by itself. Really.

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It might sound like a magical product that is too good to be true, but it actually already exists. THEUNSEEN, a company run by visualization scientist Lauren Bowker, and Storm Models have teamed up create “Fire,” a hair dye that really does change color.

THEUNSEEN posted a video on Instagram of “Fire” in action and you can watch the model’s hair color transform from blonde to red to black right before your eyes. While you might be tempted to write the video off as clever camera editing or magic, don’t. THEUNSEEN has a history of developing color-changing products so it knows what tit’s doing.

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The secret with Fire is that it is able to change colors based on temperature changes. Yes, the dye is essentially like a mood ring for your hair. Basically, when different temperatures come in contact with the hair, they create a chemical reaction with the dye which changes it, thus changing the color. POPSUGAR pointed out that some of the dyes also use light refraction, like a prism, to give the appearance of different shades.

Unfortunately, you cannot pick up a box of “Fire” hair dye at the drugstore quite yet. As part of the beauty development process, the dye is currently undergoing tests before it will be available to the public via salons. Until then, we’ll be watching the video of the changing hair colors over and over.