Holy shit! They’re developing anti-aging ice cream! They’re combining something cool with something else that’s cool! It’s still five years off, but it’s happening! GO, BEN AND JERRY’S, GO!

I was excited, until the Allure author spent most of the article making sure I knew ice cream will make me fat. She notes:

Would you eat ice cream if it could make you look younger? (Of course I would. I eat ice cream even knowing that in the long run, it will make me look fatter.)… I’m figuring this cosmetic ice cream probably won’t be low-calorie (I mean, this is Ben & Jerry’s we’re talking about), so would it be worth it to get such delicious anti-aging benefits, even if it meant cutting out calories in other ways? Personally, I’m down.

Wow. All this time I thought ice cream was totally calorie free. Well, this comes as really disappointing news.

In conclusion, why do beauty magazine articles about ice cream always have to be written by Greg Kinnear in Little Miss Sunshine?

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