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(Photo: Instagram/Kylie Jenner)

Let me just preface this article by explaining that I’m not a thin, lanky girl nor am I overweight. I’m just the proud owner of your average, middle of the road body type. Throughout high school I was always self­-conscious about having a bigger back end and almost non­-existent boobs, but after graduating high school and gaining some self-confidence, I’m kind of in love with my body type. Of course, everyone has their own ideals when it comes to the perfect body, but I’ve come to terms with my body type and I’ve actually learned to love it.

That said, when I came across this whole new term “thighbrows”, I was first of all thinking that it actually had something to do with your eyebrows so I was immediately intrigued but then after learning what thighbrows actually are defined as, I loved the idea even more.

According to Elle, ​who was one of the first to deem thighbrows the new leg trend (yes, leg trends are apparently a real thing) of the year, thighbrows can be defined as “a set of folds that frames the tops of thighs and separates leg from butt.”

Since forever, everyone was sharing images on Instagram of their teeny tiny little thigh gaps sitting by the pool, I spend numerous moments of my sacred pool side time trying to pose my legs to make them look less sausage-­y, but was never able to perfect the pose. I realized that the summer of thigh gaps had totally done me wrong and it was something I clearly was not meant to participate in according to my Beyonce-­esque thighs. (See, when you compare big thighs to Beyonce’s it doesn’t sound bad, right? Positive thinking!)

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I soon realized that thigh gaps weren’t in the cards for me. After reading a little more about the thighbrow trend, I couldn’t help but think m​an, this is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard of, ​but then after a little consideration I actually started to enjoy the idea of celebrating the folds. They’re a part of my body that I’ve always had because of the thickness of my thighs, so this taught me to embrace them instead of just pretending that they don’t exist. It’s the idea of celebrating something that many women have whether they’re super skinny and modelesque—think Kendall Jenner—or have a little more to show off—think Kylie Jenner. Every person has thighbrows, regardless of body shape, and that’s the best part.

Please don’t (virtually) slap me in the face for mentioning part of the Kardashian/Jenner Klan, but whether you love or hate these girls, they’re the perfect family to prove that no matter what your body type is, you’re still gorgeous and you probably still have thighbrows to rock.

Kendall has a rocking body. She’s super tall, thin and has the body of an angel. Kylie is in the same boat—beautiful, but a little shorter and with some serious hourglass curves. The Kardashians were actually some of the first babes to show off their thighbrows and are basically the definition of #thighbrowgoals (damn, we should coin that, no?). As seen below, Khloe and Kendall spend a casual day on a yacht showing off their thighbrows even though they clearly have two completely different body types.

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(Photo: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian)

You can also catch Queen Bey rocking her incredible thighbrows on Instagram as well and obviously you know if Beyonce is embracing it, we want to as well. Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 11.18.59 AM

(Photo: Instagram/Beyonce)

All in all, there’s always going to be a new body trend going around. Whether it suits you or not, I’ve learned that (through my failed experimenting with attempting a thigh gap photo) it’s important to embrace your own features. Whether it’s a serious thigh gap or thighbrows for days, I think that everyone’s bodies are meant to be loved—especially by yourself. Okay, cut sappy rant.