I started doing this high protein diet a few months ago, sort of by accident. I was eating a lot of crappy food at lunch due to laziness. Since I don’t really care what I eat while at work, I decided I wanted to start bringing/eating healthier during the week. While researching easy lunches, I came across the basics of the Four Hour Body diet on Gizmodo.

The food options he recommends seemed pretty easy and filled with flavors that I like. Also, the diet mandates a weekly cheat day where you gorge on food options banned on the diet. I figured that I could refrain from any food if I get to have it once a week, so decided to try it out.

I’ve lost about 15 pounds since starting in March. I’m 5’5” and started at 140, to give you a frame of reference. Also, I stay fuller after meals than before and I don’t have wide mood swings when I get hungry, which is a huge improvement. Not sure how long I’ll stick to the diet, but I’m enjoying it so far.

I thought the hardest part would be switching to a high protein breakfast, but my boyfriend decided to do this with me and we basically just started actually eating breakfast at home, which helps. Once I changed my opinion about what snacks and breakfast should look like, it became a lot easier. I’d been eating yogurt most mornings before this. Breakfast of beans and eggs sounds sort of boring, but it’s fine once you adjust to it.

The bigger issue is grabbing food in a hurry. After the first few weeks, I got lazy about bringing my lunch and there are certain restaurants that put carbs in all their food. Which makes on the go snacks and meals sort of hard. I’ve now found enough food options near my office that forgetting lunch is never a problem, but in different places it can be a challenge.

Which sort of happened on Thursday.


Iced coffee/4 bean salad.

Usually, if I have time/remember, I’ll make eggs and beans or bacon for breakfast in the mornings. On this particular morning, I did not have time. However! I’ve stopped craving breakfast foods (because most of them are verboten) and I had bought a four bean salad the other day at work but only ate half of it. When I got to work, I ate the other half.

It kept me surprisingly full until about noon. At which point I was starving.


Baked Chicken/Black beans/carrots/plantains

I eat a lot of salads for lunch on this diet. And sometimes I get really bored of eating cold food for lunch. On the way to a new salad place, I remembered that there is a Sophie’s Cuban Cuisine near my office.

The nice thing about this diet is that I can still eat such delicious things (minus the rice). I ordered a baked chicken with black beans and plantains. Bonus: delicious green sauce and marinated onions.

I ate all of this and it was super satisfying. One caveat. I think plantains might be all carbs and sugar, and I may have just cheated on my diet. But they’re also delicious! So, I’ll take that as a wash.


Chopped chicken and a side of beans

I had a meeting up in the Bronx until 9P and it took so long to get back to Brooklyn that I was ready to gnaw off a limb when I got home. Too hungry to cook, I decided to go to this Mexican place near my apartment because it would be faster than waiting for delivery. Sadly, they don’t accept cash and I only had $17, so I had to cobble together a non-carb filled meal for my boyfriend and I with that. For some reason, my money only resulted in two sides of grilled meat and two sides of black beans.

When I brought it to his apartment, I found out the problem: they had given me and charged me for two orders of rice. Argh! I could have bought so much more protein. After eating our side dishes, we were still hungry, but luckily scavenged an unopened package of chorizo sausage in his fridge. We fried up some sausages and went to bed much less starving then I expected.

Woke up the next morning craving sausage.