menhateI love the Daily Mail, even though it really hates me. How do I know it hates me? Because this website told me it does. You may want to quick check to see if they hate you as well. One of the things I LOVE about the Fail Mail is that they always have these totally click-baity articles all about WHAT MENS HATE and this time it comes courtesy of a new TLC TV series called Shopaholic Showdown, where they asked 1,000 men what looks they hate on women. And I have NO idea what men they asked for this survey, like, your minister? Some dude busy enjoying a sandwich? Your dad? Because I am pretty sure that if you take anything on this list there are definite exceptions to this whole hate thang, as I have helpfully illustrated to you below. I bet I could make at least MOST of the men, at least, take back what they claim they chug the H8RADE for.

Leopard Print


Men hate leopard print. It made the number 10 spot on the list. Forget how many sexy shoes and lingerie items and Dolce and Gabbana corset dresses are done in leopard print, men have ZERO interest in seeing any women wear it.

Smudgy Black Eye Makeup

Forget smoky eyes. Men DO NOT want. There is no greater boner kill than dark, smudgy eye makeup and you are never going to get a man with this look. EVER.

Hooker Heels 



“Hooker heels” – which, can we please get some clarification on this term? Does it mean lucite heels or super sky high heels? Regardless, any heels that make you look like you may work as a woman who receives money in exchange for sexual favors is a huge tun-off for men. I’m starting to think the men they asked were like, monks or something.

Oversized Sunglasses 

Mens no likey.

G-Strings On Display

If a dude sees your G-string he just wants NOTHING to do with any of that nonsense.

Dip Dyed Hair 


Yeah. I’m sure men are WAY concerned with ombre hair. It’s a deal breaker.

Big Earrings 


Same with big earrings, like men are looking at your BIG earrings.

 Tops Which Show Off Tattoos 



This is all so arbitrary again. Some guys like tattoos, some don’t. But given the right circumstances, plus maybe, just maybe, what’s a woman’s personality and intellect are like, I think some guys may change their mind on this one too.

 Chipped Nail Polish 

This one is kinda fair, because I don’t think most women want the men they are sleeping with to have opinions on their manicures anyway.



OK, I do agree with this one, but the rest of the list? Whaaaaaat-ever.

(Images: tumblr,  IgorGolovniov/shutterstock)