Freckles are awesome! Except sometimes they’re not. Whenever I see Lucy Liu or Cintia Dicker, I’m glad for the ones I have. But then I see a porcelain-faced celeb like Kristen Stewart, and the grass is suddenly greener far away from the freckles. There’s nothing that can really be done about freckles except to enjoy them and use some makeup techniques to help freckles look their best, but that doesn’t mean there’s not a secret community of freckle-havers in the world who know where you’re coming from.

Here are 20 annoying things only people with freckles will understand.

1. The way you leave the house without freckles and 20 minutes later they appear.

giphy-92. Trying to find a foundation shade. Does it match the freckle? The skin around the freckle?

giphy-133. That time you rubbed lemons all over your face for a whole summer.

giphy-74. The time you spent way too much money on a miracle “dark spot corrector.”

giphy-195. The unfortunate period where you thought if you just got enough sun the freckles would all smoosh together into a tan.

giphy-106. When you realize freckles and age spots are the same thing

giphy-117. Being the person who actually has to reapply sunscreen.

giphy-168. Is that a freckle, a mole, or an acne scar?

giphy-69. When movie characters have freckles, and it’s just like six perfect ones on their nose.

giphy-410.When people say freckles are “cute” even though you haven’t been a little girl in decades.

giphy-1811. Oh no! The freckles have spread to your cleavage!

giphy-112. When people say they are “angel kisses”

giphy-213. When someone asks if you were left out in the rain, and it takes like 20 minutes to realize they mean that you have rust spots.

giphy13. Being really conflicted about the fact that Topshop is selling a special pencil for drawing fake freckles.

giphy-814. When a foundation promises to even your skin tone, and you know that would take something thicker than spackle.

giphy-1715. When the dermatologist asks if you’ve noticed your moles changing and you’re like, “How am I possibly supposed to keep track of all of these!?”

giphy-2216. Is that a pimple, or a freckle?

giphy-2117. When people tell you there is something on your face and then spend 15 minutes trying to rub off a freckle.

giphy-1218. When people draw fake freckles on.

giphy-319. When you drive your car and only get freckles on one arm.

giphy-520. When you’re not sure you’re allowed to wear polka dots.

giphy-14(Gifs: GIphy)