What does Lollipop Bling smell like? What, for that matter, is Lollipop Bling? We’re not entirely sure, but given the opportunity to describe it, we gave it a stab. We sprayed some in the office and asked our coworkers what they thought it smelled like (without telling them the name of the fragrance or any identifying details about it):

It smells like a candy shop.

It’s kind of sickly sweet. You know, like a Pixi Stick threw up.

It smells like my freshman year roommate.

Rotten cotton candy factory.

I always think that everything smells like Love’s Baby Soft…

It smells like a butterfly that died inside my home. Hundreds of them. All dead.

Does This Thing Smell Like The Thing It Is Supposed To Smell Like On A Scale Of 1 to 10? Well, given that none of us are really sure what “lollipop bling” even is, we imagine this would be pretty close to… whatever that is. Though most of us were hoping it would smell more like a Ring Pop. 7 out of 10.