You know how it is, serial killers. You stab someone and then you’re like, oh, no! My hair is messed up!

If the prior sentence interested you, in a “how could anyone react that way?” way, read this book! It’s fascinating, I promise.

If on the other hand, you are somone who routinely stabs people, and cares about your hair, you should buy this comb! The product description states:

Look smart and feel secure anywhere with our new personal grooming aid, the Honey Comb. It looks like an ordinary hairbrush, but the handle is actually a highly effective stiletto dagger! The Honey Comb is precision injection molded from Zytel a super tough nylon and fiberglass composite that contains no metal and is impervious to the elements. 7 7/8″ overall without brush, 8 1/4″ overall with brush

Well, okay then! Gonna be so pretty. Gonna be so terrifying.