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I get it. Every celebrity now has to be “multihyphenate” and have their own skin care line and their own home furnishings company, just because. But sometimes slapping your name on every product that exists doesn’t always improve a celebrity’s brand. Case in point: Jackie Chan. For some reason (hint: money), he endorsed a shampoo. Then, surprise! It turned out the shampoo had carcinogens in it. Rather than admit he puts his name on too much stuff and it’s getting out of hand, Chan blamed random evildoers. “Incidents like this, where shampoos are reported to have problems, are not new. Someone is trying to harm me and BaWang,” he said in an interview. “I have always been very careful with what products I endorse.”

Jackie, I’m not sure if you watch a lot of American TV, but there’s this guy Krusty on this show called The Simpsons who I’d like to tell you about. See, he’s a clown on TV, but he also has this gambling problem, so he just slaps his name on any old product they can find. Sometimes those products suck. Like one time, he endorsed a summer camp, but it turned out to be a slave labor camp. When that got on the news, you know what he did? Took all the kids from the camp to Tijuana for the weekend. Now, that is how you handle a PR flap. So start booking those tickets already. I know you can afford it.

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