I have rosacea. It’s a skin condition that means that if I drink a glass of red wine, my face will turn bright red. Or if I apply anything to my face, really. Bright red like a little tomato.

So I’m generally terrified of any kind of skin care product. “Is it okay for sensitive skin?” I asked tentatively when I was presented with Juice Beauty’s Organic Facial Rejuvinating Mask. I was assured that it was.

Still, when I tried it after a workout – when my skin is often at its blotchy worst – it was with some trepidation. It turns out I had nothing to worry about. Not only did it not agitate my senstive skin, it made my skin look refreshed. I looked in the mirror – I was glowing! That’s fairly different from masks I’ve used in the past that made my skin feel like it was on fire. Perhaps that’s because the Organic Facial Rejuvinating Mask is entirely organic (as its name suggests). What does that mean? It means the mask is filled with great ingredients like apple, lemon and grape juices which are blended with olive oil, raw cane sugar, honey, geranium and carrot seed botanicals. I was pleased that all of those products were things I was able to pronounce, probably because none of them were chemicals. That doesn’t happen all that often with beauty products.

If it can do wonders on my terrible, blotchy skin, it will probably do even better things for your normal skin. You should try to get to it before I buy up all the supplies – it’s available for $32 on the Juice Beauty Website.