gilda hair

It involves the occult, she-devilry and the lifeblood of a farmer. Are you ready?

No. Don’t be ready for that. You’re not going to kill a farmer. You’re not in a Donna Tartt novel. Honestly, you wouldn’t even be able to find a farmer let alone slaughter him to improve the quality of your hair.

Although if it would give me Rita Hayworth I’d totally do it, but don’t tell anyone.

However, I’ve been trying out Living Proof Prime Style Extender for about two weeks now, and it is spectacular. It’s this thing, right here:

You apply a dollop to your hair right after washing it (before styling), and it causes your hair to better take on the shape of whatever you style it into. It’s not heavy or sticky like a gel, so your hair doesn’t have that weird crunchy feel to it. Apparently it works because of some “miracle molecule,” OFPMA. I don’t know what that is, so I’m just going to keep with our she-devilry theme and say that the Prime Style Extender is powered by magic. However it works, though, it has made me able to go from nine in the morning until midnight without having to re-straighten or re-curl my hair at my desk. I’m sure my desk-mates miss my sense of whimsy and the smell of hot rollers at three in the afternoon, but I don’t.

Fuck touch-ups.

Buy it. Go to and slap down $20 and buy it.