Yes, she did it on purpose.

According to The Daily Mail “Collagen Westwood, 21, from north London said she is thrilled if she is mistaken for a man dressing as a woman on a night out.”

And she is! But so far it’s required a nose job and frequent collagen injections, and Collagen says “I can’t wait until I’ve got enough for liposuction and to have some ribs removed – so I can fit into even smaller corsets, but I want a breast enlargement too.”

Growing up she was a huge fan of Boy George and liked to enter talent contests as Cher. I kind of feel like Cher isn’t going to be flattered by that. But, hell, what woman has watched The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert and not thought “Jesus, their legs look better than mine in a mini-skirt?”
That said, spending $8,000 to look like anyone seems a little excessive.

We’re going to stick to lightly applied blue eyeshadow.