Have you heard of the thread lift?

face liftA friend of mine, in her fifties, had a thread lift last year. I saw her about a week after the procedure, and I noticed some swelling to her cheeks. I honestly thought that maybe she had just had her wisdom teeth pulled, and thought not much more of it. Then a month or so later when we got together, she had two dimples on each of her upper cheeks, on each side, so four in total. I then had to ask her what she did. She explained that she had a countour thread lift, and wondered if I thought it was too tight. Her doctor wanted her to wait out a full three months before making any adjustments, but she ultimately decided on getting the threads loosened, just about two months after the initial procedure. Once loosened, she had a bit of swelling again, but within about a week, her face looked back to normal – just a bit more refreshed.

She was pleased with the procedure, saying that it caused little discomfort.