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With exactly zero explanation, source, or context, a photo of Tina Fey showed up on Reddit, and let’s just say it’s really something. Whether or not you’re a Fey fan (I am, but we can still be friends if you aren’t), I think we can all agree that seeing pictures of celebrities before they were famous is an excellent pastime that never gets old.

tina fey in college

The Reddit thread is focusing on the ugly duckling narrative–bringing up Fey’s anecdotes about failures in dating, remaining a virgin until she was 24, eventually losing 30 pounds before becoming an on screen star, and her general tales of youthful awkwardness. I have a slightly different take, and that take is that Fey looks flat out awesome in this picture. You heard me. Allow me to make my case.

Okay sure. That hair is pretty hilarious (and proves just how on point 30 Rock’s wig game was during the flash back scenes.

so many different types of sparrows 30 rock

Photo: 30 Rock

But let’s talk about those eyebrows. Those eyebrows are the full, prominent brows of my dreams. Given the nostalgia of today’s fashion scene, her dress is shockingly on trend, and wouldn’t be at all out of place in some of this country’s hipper coffee shops. I wouldn’t even be surprised if she had some Docs under there. Finally, her facial expression as she points to her Bandaid (again, the lack of context here makes this whole thing even better) is perfectly dead pan–I am even more convinced that Fey is the type of lady I want to hang out with.

So yeah, nowadays Fey is killing it on red carpets and is undeniably sexy in a conventional way, but I sort of think she always had it. Now, what the hell happened to her arm?

Photo: Getty Images