For those keeping track, we have had a number of surprising holiday beauty trends this season including candy cane liner, Santa hat eyebrows, bauble brows, mulled wine hair and Christmas tree brows. And things aren’t over yet. The latest unexpected holiday beauty trend to go viral is tinsel lashes.

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The look is exactly what it sounds like with makeup artists adhering tinsel to their lashes for a next-level take on mascara. The look was popularized by Regina from the @coolgirlswearmugler Instagram account. She posted a series of photos of the surprise beauty look whether she used individual pieces of tinsel and applied them to her natural lash line like individual false lashes.

The resulting look subtly enhances the eyes and makes it look like you have the prettiest lash hairs.

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The makeup artist experimented with traditional silver tinsel as well as red, but we can see this just being the start of things. If you want some more, you could even hunt down some red and green tinsel for the look. And if that’s not enough for you, you can finish it off with some candy cane lip art.