Short on funds for Valentine’s Day this year?  A good gift does not require a lot of money. Skip the fancy night out on the town and treat your sweetheart to a night in. Make a romantic meal, take a bubble bath, light some candles, play a little music – you know how it’s done.

One of my favorite romantic night in treats is a good massage. If you are new to massage, here are a few key things to keep in mind:

*Make sure the room is warm enough.
*Turn lights low, turn off the TV, and set a relaxing mood.
*Use long, slow massage strokes, with a firm amount of pressure (unless you are doing a facial massage – always use a light touch on the face). Take your time and concentrate on one area at a time, focusing on the back and shoulders, where most people carry the bulk of their tension.
*It’s most relaxing if there are little or no interruptions during the massage. Make sure you have all your supplies close before you begin.
*A good massage helps to get your circulation flowing. To better support this, drink water both before and right after your massage.

Sabon NYC Massage Oil Promo Michelle

Sabon NYC is offering a free Sensual Massage Oil (3.4 oz), worth $27, with each purchase Sabon NYC purchase $30 or more for a limited time.  This is an online only offer.

Sabon NYC Massage Oils are an aromatherapy treatment, made with antioxidant-rich grape seed oil. The Massage Oils are available in 4 fragrance formulations; Nurturing, Sensual, Relaxing, and Refreshing.  They contain a combination of essential oils including Neroli, Lavender, Orange, and Sandalwood.

Image credit: Sabon NYC