Meet the 62-year-old grandmother who's the face of TK Maxx's swimsuit campaign.

You know how companies do stuff for publicity but sometimes, it’s still kind of awesome? Like how ads will get tons of publicity for using a gay couple, and even though they’re clearly selling something, it’s still pretty wonderful to see companies being aware of consumers’ desire to witness a real change in how human beings are depicted. Well, the older model craze has been going down the past couple years, and even if it’s a series of publicity stunts, we love it.

Last year, we saw British discount retailer TK Maxx–not to be mistaken with its American counterpart T.J. Maxxuse the world’s oldest supermodel Daphne Selfe in its fall/winter campaign. This week, the company picked multiple “real shoppers” for its summer swimwear ads, and while the whole “real people” terminology still drives me nuts (seriously, models are living, breathing human beings even if they’re tall and thin), it’s a pretty snazzy campaign. One of those models is 62-year-old Olga Taylor, a former caterer and grandmother originally from Russia who’s featured in the video running on the beach Baywatch-style like a silver fox Pam Anderson. Check it out:

Yes, they did choose a considerable number of conventionally attractive hipster-lookin’ folks, but it’s also worth noting that they picked an 82-year-old man named Martin and multiple other unconventional models for the ad. And oh hey, having Taylor wear a super sexy bathing suit rather than the typical covered-up type of pieces brands market toward older women. TK Maxx even posted a photo on its Facebook of Taylor looking stunning whilst enjoying the same sunny, beautiful photo shoot any other swimsuit model would do:

Meet the 62-year-old grandmother who's the face of TK Maxx's swimsuit campaign.

Considering retailers ranging from TK Maxx to American Apparel have been utilizing older models, it’s (hopefully) only a matter of time before they pop up all over the place. Consumers want to see Carmen Dell’Orifice, Jessica LangeCharlotte Rampling and Daphne Selfe in campaigns. And hey, at this rate, maybe even the designers who are “not brave enough” to use older models will finally stop hiding behind the industry and go for it, too.

Photos: TK Maxx