The Daily Mail just facebooked this photo of CC the sloth getting ready to appear on The Today Show to promote “A little book of Sloth”. In the process, just by being there, CC taught you more about how to get made-up than anyone else ever will. This is what CC sloth is telling you with her large, adorable eyes:

1) Remember to smile! Introduce yourself to whoever is doing your make-up. Say, “Hi. I am a sloth. I am very happy to be here.” Have a firm handshake, too. Use your many fingers, and even your opposable thumbs (this sloth does not have those, but it would use them if it could).

2) Get comfy! Spread your arms out! Remember that this time is your time. Just let your worries float away, and enjoy the experience.

3) But do not be arrogant. If the people want you to turn your head a specific way, just turn it that way. No need to make some monstrously big deal out of it. Just be cool. Be cool and respectful to the people trying to help you.

4) Keep your eyes open. It is so hard not to blink when people are adjusting things right around you eyes. It is especially hard if you have big eyes, like this sloth, or Audrey Hepburn. But if they can deal with it so can you.

5) Be an actual sloth. No matter how hard you try, a sloth is always going to look cuter than you. This sloth’s nickname in college was “Princess” and she got people who gained three pounds kicked out of her sorority. It actually has an absolutely horrible soul. But it is hard to hate her, because she is still the most adorable thing ever.

Picture via Today