On “Good Morning America” today, reporter Andrea Canning did a segment about little girls taking trips to the salon for manicures, pedicures, blow-outs and, awkwardly, waxing. Canning — a perfectly coifed blond with a face full of make-up and a waist that could not be larger than a size two — looks on in mock horror as she openly wonders where such unrealistic beauty standards might come from.

Some moms interviewed say it’s for hygiene (they, no doubt, have more issues at play than just worrying about their daughters’ looks), and some say that they just want to help their girls navigate the world of spas into which they will one day no doubt wander.

I’m just starting to wonder why anybody feigns surprise over these stories anymore. The segment is pegged as revealing a “new trend,” but not only have we seen girls getting bikini waxes for years now, we’ve seen tweens shoved into corsets, painting their faces and tearing at their hair for centuries. The quest for female beauty at all costs and at pretty much any age isn’t exactly new, so maybe that means it’s time for a fresh, more realistic take on the old conversation, where we all — including, say, reporters who have spent hours in hair and make-up — approach the topic a little more honestly.