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I’m hardly a lipstick snob, but the second I first swiped on Tom Ford‘s Lips & Boys lip color in Jay (after begrudgingly finding that Drake was completely sold out), I was hooked. The luxury of both the packaging and the product was unlike anything I’d ever tried before, and I instantly understood so many celebrities’ obsession with the brand. So, when I heard that Tom Ford was launching a Runway Color Collection featuring vibrant shades for eyes, lips, and face, I could hardly contain myself. Well, I contained myself a little, considering I only got my hands on two shades of the new Patent Finish Lip Color Pens ($52) when I could very well have raked in more. It’s the little victories that count, y’all.

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First things, first look at these pens in all their glory:

tom ford pens

Tom Ford truly is unmatched in his ability to roll out beauty products that are glamorous in their minimalism. According to a press release, the Patent Finish Lip Color “combines a lip stain with an ultra glossy finish,” offering a long-lasting, high-shine, and, of course, highly-pigmented color that doesn’t dry out the lips or look cheap in its glossiness, because, well, this is Tom Ford we’re talking about. The pen itself is unique, too: rather than coming in crayon or liquid form, as so many glosses and long-wearing stains do, it’s a click-pen with a plush, sponge-tip applicator, which gives you the benefits of the soft feel of a classic lip gloss wand and more control over how much product you apply at any given time. 

The colors I received are “Infamy,” the bright pink on top, and “Exposed,” the magenta-y berry shade on the bottom. Take a look:

tom ford patent swatches

The color payoff is, of course, superb, but what I really like about these is the real patent finish. Matte shades are so prevalent nowadays that we’ve forgotten how wonderful it can feel to rock a perfectly shiny lip. Since that shot doesn’t really do the patent finish justice, please enjoy the GIF I’ve created for all of you:

tom ford patent swatches

Just look at the shine! It’s like looking into a vast ocean of beautiful vibrant color and cliche metaphors!

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Since, for me, colder weather means darker lips, I thought I’d take the berry shade out for a spin. Here’s how it looks on lil’ ol’ me:

tom ford lip color

It’s nice, right? It’s a pretty liquid-y product, and as such, it doesn’t have the fastest dry time, so I don’t think I’d necessarily suggest throwing this on before running out of your apartment. Even now, almost 15 minutes after I first applied it, I can still touch my finger to my lips and come away with a bit of tacky lip color. Also, the longer the swatches sit on my hand, the more the color sinks into the lines in my skin. That doesn’t necessarily bode well for the winter cracks in my lips, but only time will tell.

That said, there’s a real plush feeling to the lip color. At $52 per pen, it’s definitely an investment, and if you’re desperate, I’m sure there are one or two affordable drugstore dupes out there in the great big world of beauty. But if you’re willing to pay, or have a birthday coming up, I’d definitely suggest putting this Patent Finish Lip Color on your list. Tom Ford just knows what’s up.

The Tom Ford Runway Color SS16 Collection will in-stores and online at in February 2016! 

(Photos: Sara Steinfeld/The Gloss)