You couldn’t have gone even one swipe on Instagram this morning without seeing something about Tom Ford‘s first L.A. runway show last night. I saw so many A-lister red carpet shots that I thought there was an awards show I forgot about. Reese Witherspoon, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora, ScarJo, Fergie, Amy Adams, JLo, Gwyneth Paltrow, Julianne Moore…and that’s the tip of the iceberg. I mean of course Miley was there shopping for new nipple pasties, but I honestly didn’t realize how many stars are Ford lovers. Naturally the show was fabulous, somehow mashing up Victoriana, Little House on the Prairie, 70s fringe, 90s denim, and a runway covered in rose petals. But the real standout as far as I’m concerned was the sultry, gorgeous hair and makeup. Warning: you may spend the rest of the weekend practicing this look.

The makeup featured what Tom Ford’s Instagram referred to as, “shaggable eyes.” While I can’t say I support this creepy personification of eyes—grammatically or otherwise—the makeup is absolutely gorgeous. Here are the beginning stages of the “shaggable” plum look.

This look was based around the Tom Ford Cocoa Mirage Shadow Quad and this rich Ripe Plum Eye Color Duo. Super easy to duplicate with say, any other less expensive plum eyeshadow. Just go big with the smudging on your bottom lash line. Here’s the finished product.

But of course the makeup is nothing without this sexy, wispy hair. I want it, I need it, for date nights, girls’ nights, and everything in-between. “Tom’s inspiration for the hair was a lot of volume on top, like a Hitchcock ’60s Tippi Hedren,” hairstylist Sam McKnight told “And there was also a thought of Ali MacGraw, who kind of wore her hair on the side sometimes.” Sparknotes of how to do it: mousse to slick back the sides, tease the crown with texturizing spray, add extensions and braid into a massive floppy braid-bun. Look at it from the side. Stop. Look at it. Stop. Faint.