Tomato Haircut from Trick Store salon in Osaka

Everyone should start a slow clap for this awesome Japanese woman who got her hair cut to look like a fashion-forward tomato.

According to Kotaku, this haircut is called the “ripe tomato” and was designed by a stylist named Hiro who works at the Trick Store salon in Osaka, which has an array of avant garde looks like this one to its credit.

Ripe tomato girl started out with a smooth, short cut with angular bangs. It’s reminiscent of the high-fashion hair Vidal Sassoon kept putting on famous people in the 60s, and she could easily have stopped there and still looked edgier than most people on the street, provided that the street was not too close to Trick Store. But then she doubled-down and dyed it tomato red, and at the crown of her head the hair is divided into a six-point bright green “stem” that makes her head, when seen from above, look exactly like a ripe tomato.

The ripe tomato haircut doesn’t seem like a style with a lot of staying power. Those dyes fade quickly, and it seems like it would be very difficult to get the green leaves back into that position after a shower. Still, one can’t help but admire her. It takes guts to decide one’s head should look as much like a tomato as possible, especially when so many people are still so twitchy about the idea of women with short hair and whether or not guys will like it, as if that were everyone’s primary goal. Look what happened when gorgeous supermodel Karlie Kloss got a chic new short haircut and was suddenly rendered all gross and terrible. (She wasn’t really. She looks great.) So rock on, ripe tomato girl.

Via Kotaku/Photo: Trick Store