We’re used to Too Faced‘s Jerrod Blandino and his #sneakypeeks. The co-founder seems to tease a new Too Faced beauty product at least every week. Are we complaining? Heck no. The only thing that upsets us about the sneaky peeks is that we have to wait for the products to be fully unveiled and for them to launch in stores. We’re experiencing these usual mixed amounts with Too Faced’s latest teaser: a glittery face mask.

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That’s right, Too Faced is branching further into skincare with a mask launch. We’ve come to expect the new Sweet Peach launches and pretty palettes, but this is something else. However, Jerrod did remain true to form by not revealing everything about the upcoming launch.

Jerrod uploaded a video of the mask being applied to skin using an applicator scoop. Even though the video is in black and white, we can see that the product has a trendy sparkling finish by the way it picks up the light. Jerrod alluded to the mask’s shimmer as well as its glow-enhancing properties in the caption. “I’m working on something beyond Magical to make your skin Glow,” he teased with the hashtags #WeLiveInGlitter #GlitterMakesYouPretty #youveneverseenanythinglike this.

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As of right now, we don’t know the official name of the product, the launch date or the price. We don’t even have official confirmation that is in fact a mask. However, given the reports about it and the application, it’s pretty safe to assume that much. Just like it’s safe to assume that the upcoming launch is going to be fabulous.