Glitter is amazing. It can make you shine like the prettiest unicorn. However, it still has some downfalls. It can be messy, scratchy, irritating and tricky to apply in an even layer. Add in the fact that you have to be very careful about the kinds of glitter you apply to the eye area and its tendency to fall off everywhere.  Despite the pitfalls, we continue using it because of that prismatic shine it delivers, while praying for some new way. Too Faced may be providing that new way with its upcoming Glitter Pop Peel-Off Eyeliner ($20).

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Too Faced is already re-imaging glitter with its Glitter Mask, but it’s also bringing something new to the eyeliner world with the game-changing Glitter Pop Peel-Off Eyeliner. What makes it different from the other shimmering eyeliners on the market is that it peels off, just like the name implies. That means we don’t have to deal with the usual tedious process of attempting to remove every last sparkle from our eyes.

Hello Giggles reports that the product is applied in the way a traditional eyeliner is. You draw on your desired flick or cat eye the wait for the product to dry. At the end of the day, you then peel away the makeup. Cool, huh?

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The Peel-Off Glitter eyeliner will be available in eight shimmering shades including white, gold, copper, mermaid-y blue and pink. And we’ll be able to shop the Too Faced Glitter Pop Peel-Off Liners when they launch on October 2. It won’t be long now until we get to see the new evolution in glitter.

The Too Faced Glitter Pop Peel-Off Liner will launch on October 2.

(Photos: Too Faced)