Get ready to cry happy tears! #tfsneakypeek #UnicornTears #AngelTears #MermiadTears #FairyTears??✨ ? #spring18

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Get ready to cry some tears of joy because Too Faced is building off of the success of the popular Unicorn Tears Lipstick again. It was only this week that the beauty brand revealed that the cult favorite lippy is available in a Melted Latex Lipstick. This time, we’re branching out from unicorns to include angel, fairy and mermaid tears.

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Jerrod Blandino, Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, took to Instagram to reveal the new collection with one of his #sneakypeaks. It definitely was a sneaky peak because Jerrod only showed the cardboard packages of the four La Creme Mystical Effects Lipsticks. We didn’t even get to see the lipstick bullets or any swatches.

The Instagram shows the packages for Unicorn Tears, Angel Tears, Mermaid Tears and Fairy Tears. Appropriately, the unicorn package is a pale blue with a rainbow design. Angel Tears comes in a white package decorated with a silvery font while Fairy Tears is in a peach package decorated with tiny fairies shooting rainbows. Last but not least, Mermaid Tears is decked out in a green box with a fish scale design.

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Jerrod didn’t reveal too much in the post. All he wrote was, “Get ready to cry happy tears!” However, fans quickly picked up that he hashtagged the post with #spring18. Given that most makeup brands have launched, or are launching, their Holiday 2017 collections, this hopefully means that we won’t have to wait to much longer for Mermaid Tears and the rest of the La Creme Mystical Effects Lipsticks to drop.