Products that claim to get rid of or reduce the look of cellulite on the body are a million and one. The results of using different products will vary. Some will work somewhat, while others will be a total waste of money. While products will not cause cellulite to totally vanish, there are some that will reduce the appearance. The top ten list of the best selling cellulite products are below. Most of these products are available at, and other online retailers.

Cellulite cream

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#10 – Murad Body Care Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Pack for Cellulite and Stretch Mark Management ($95.90)

The same Dr. Murad who wrote the cellulite solution is now focusing on a Body Care Firm and Tone Dietary Supplement Pack. The different pills that come in this supplement pack all serve a specific purpose. There are antioxidants, fatty acids, multivitamins and supplements that are all used to prevent problems with the connective tissue and cell damage.

#9 – Oligo DX Cellulite Reducing Oligo DX Gel ($37.99)

Developed as a result of clinical studies and pharmaceutical research, Oligo DX Cellulite Reducing works very well at reducing the look of cellulite laden and dimpled skin. Oligo DX is a good product that works.

#8 – Nivea Body Good-Bye Cellulite Patches, Continuous Release ($11.99)

These patches provide a continuous release of L-Carnitine to the affected area. L-Carnitine was developed to effectively fight the appearance of cellulite on the body. L-Carnitine can be found naturally in the skin and is responsible for turning fat into energy. After a couple of weeks, there will be a noticeable difference.

#7 – Beyond Cellulite: Nicole Ronsard’s Ultimate Strategy to Slim, Firm, and Reshape Your Lower Body by Nicole Ronsard ($12.82)

Nicole Ronsard actually wrote the first book on cellulite. 20 years later she returns with an updated guide. This book focuses on the right way to eat, the benefits of exercising properly and much more.

#6 – SmartSole Anti-Cellulite Insoles ($27.99)

These insoles convert (flat) shoes into an on the go workout machine, effectively reducing cellulite, improving posture, increasing circulation, toning muscles and even helping lower back pain. SmartSole Anti-Cellulite Insoles cushion the heel and arch of your foot, making standing and walking a more pleasurable experience.

#5 – Celluthin #1 Topical Cellulite Reducing Cream with 2% Aminophylline ($49.99)

This cream is effective due to the fact that it is able to deliver the active ingredient aminophylline into the fat cells of the body. Once aminophylline gets into the fat cells, the cells become resistant to fatty acids sticking to them. Having more fatty acids on cells makes it much harder to lose fat in that area. Celluthin does not allow this to occur. The lack of fat means the lack of cellulite.

#4 – The Cellulite Solution, A doctor’s Program for Losing Lumps, Bumps, Dimples, and Stretch Marks by Howard Murad ($6.99)

Written by Dr. Murad, this book has been called the bible on cellulite. It’s a simple three-step program that is very effective at reducing the look of cellulite on the body. Dr. Murad provides readers with the proper nutrition, lifestyle changes, and various topical treatments that can be combined to reduce, prevent and get rid of cellulite. There is also a good bonus section focusing on ways to reduce stretch marks. A must read!

#3 – Delfin Spa Bio Ceramic Anti Cellulite Shorts & Anti Cellulite Cream ($49.99)

When first introduced to these anti-cellulite shorts, the first thing that came to mind was another gimmick used on people who suffer from cellulite. However, my mind was quickly changed once I saw the results. Used together with proper exercise there’s a really good chance that cellulite can be reduced. These shorts improve circulation and revitalize the tissue, thereby breaking down cellulite cells. The shorts are also very good when used together with an anti-cellulite cream, allowing the cream to reach deep down into the system.

#2 – Good Bye Cellulite Dual Pack Program ($18.48)

This is a very effective cellulite product that can be used to reduce the look of cellulite on the body. It will not completely remove the cellulite, but there’s a reason why it is #2 on the list. Many women agree that this gel/cream and supplements offer the perfect combination.

#1 – Neutrogena Anti-Cellulite Treatment, Retinol Formula ($13.99)

Many people have determined that using Neutrogena Anti-Cellulite Treatment when it comes to getting rid of cellulite is the way to go. Tested by dermatologist and determined to be one of the most effective when it comes to reducing the look of cellulite on the body, this cream contains Retinol, one of the purest types of Vitamin A available. The Retinol in the cream along with seaweed goes deep below the layer of the skin to improve elasticity and firmness, resulting in a much smoother appearance.