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So I’m browsing through LA Weekly, and I stumble across a blurb about a group called GoTopless, and their recent parade about Venice, CA with tatas blowing in the wind in order to “help women ‘perceive their breasts as noble, natural parts of their anatomy.'”

Woot! I thought to myself. I love embracing breasts! (Wait…) But seriously — I love body love, and I totally agree with the idea that women should be allowed to go topless when and where they choose.

But then I made the mistake of continuing to read, and here is what I found: “GoTopless, according to the Website, was founded by the Raelian Movement. They believe extraterrestrial scientists created life on Earth.”

And indeed, a quick jump over to the GoTopless website revealed that their belief that men and women should have equal rights to bare their chests stems not exactly from a sense of equality, but from a sense of the infallible planning of aliens:

The Raelian philosophy maintains that life on Earth was the result of scientific creation by an advanced, extraterrestrial human civilization, the Elohim, mistaken for gods in the Bible.

“They created us scientifically in their image through genetic engineering,” Gary said. “So how can a body, a masterpiece, be perceived with shame?

I mean, does it really have to be that complicated? Can’t we have equal rights to get the girls (and boys) out without bringing aliens into the equation? It certainly seems like an unnecessary step. Not to mention the fact that honestly — and I hate to be a naysayer here — it dicredits the organization a little bit. Just a little.