Breaking news: I bought a perfume from Torrid this past weekend. The plus-size clothing store has finally (finally!) made its way to Canada, and on Saturday my best friend and I made the hour-long drive to the one nearest us. I have absolutely no money to spend at all, but I didn’t care: I was there to buy all of the clothes.

What I wasn’t there to buy was perfume. I hate to admit this, but I’m kind of a perfume snob, and normally I would turn up my nose at any fragrance put out by a clothing store. While waiting in line at the cash register, I idly started picking up the various perfumes sitting on a nearby table. The first two I sampled were definite nos, but the third stopped me in my tracks. I spritzed some of the fragrance on my wrist and was immediately transported back to the 7th grade. That was the year I was given my first bottle of perfume, Ralph Lauren Ralph, and I couldn’t believe how much the Torrid fragrance reminded me of that scent. I knew I had to have it.

bottle alone

Torrid Bloom, $24.50 for 3.4 oz (

Fortunately for my bank account, Torrid Bloom costs a mere $24.50. I considered that to be a total bargain, given that the perfume took me on a stroll down memory lane and smelled like fruity-floral-aquatic heaven. 

When I returned home that night, I went online to compare the fragrance notes between Ralph and Bloom. Sure enough, both open with heavy doses of apple and freesia. Unsurprisingly, Ralph is the more complicated scent—it also features notes of mandarin, magnolia, musk, and iris, while Bloom is a simple blend of apple, freesia, and water lily—but nevertheless, the olfactory similarities are uncanny.

I’ve been regularly spritzing myself with Bloom since the day I bought it (the sillage isn’t the greatest, but this is a $25 perfume we’re talking about). I just love how it takes me back to such a fun and carefree time in my life. Sure, the seventh grade is weird for everyone, but despite experiencing the near constant anxiety associated with being 12 years old, I had a pretty great time that year. I had a great group of girlfriends, I loved my school, and I had a bottle of Ralph that I bathed in every morning. Life was good, and it’s been nice to recapture that.

So, now I’m wondering: do you ever think about revisitng your first love signature scent? What was the first perfume you ever fell in love with? Have you ever tried Bloom before? Leave me a note in the comments section below!