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As a beauty writer, I am constantly trying out new products and technology that come into the market. Many of the things that I try work, however there is rarely a product that comes across my desk that literally changes my life. The Tria was one.

I’ve always suffered with acne, but it was always manageable. It was almost never painful, but it seemed that once one would go away another would always pop up. I also never really thought it was bad enough to visit a dermatologist and always just blamed it on puberty and being a teenager.

Now that I’m 22 and I’m still getting acne like a 15-year old, I decided that it was time to figure shit out. After hours of late night research, I came across a thread where skincare guinea pigs (as I like to think of them) were chatting it up about how blue LED lights had basically cured their acne. Since this was something I’d never tried before—and I thought I’d pulled all the stops—I decided this would be my last resort.

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Blue light technology is meant to penetrate deep below the surface to eliminate the bacteria that causes acne. It’s a non-UV light so, no, you won’t end up with a bunch of fine lines and wrinkles as a result.

After checking out all the blue LED lights to be used to treat acne on the web, I found a bunch of cheesy $25 ones that I didn’t feel would be the best way to judge the power of the blue LED light. I wanted to give this technology its best chance to work, so I opted for the Tria Beauty Acne Clearing Blue Light. I had heard a lot about Tria and the hair removal devices they had, and how advanced their technology was, so I was confident in my choice to use Tria.

At $300 a pop, this handheld blue light stuck out to me, honestly, because of its hefty price tag. I wanted to figure out before I got it why the hell this one was so much more expensive than all the other blue lights on the market. Turns out that this blue light, unlike the others, is a dermatologist strength device.

I picked up one of these devices and was ready to conquer my acne once and for all. First, I—as ungracefully as possible—ripped the box open and popped in the cartridge that comes with the device (you’ll need to change these out every two months). It’s one of those devices that you’ll want to fully charge before you use it as well.

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After it was ready to go, I headed to the bathroom and washed my face and towel-dried it to get my skin prepared for the device. Then, I literally picked it up and slid it across my face slowly covering my problem areas (a.k.a. my entire face). It makes a slight blowing noise so that the device doesn’t overheat, but it doesn’t hurt. It basically just feels like a nice warm feeling on the skin. There’s no burning or tingling. It’s honestly the most relaxing five minutes of my day.

Speaking of time, you can use the device either two times a day for two minutes and 30 seconds each, or you can do it all at once for five minutes, which is what I do. Usually, I hop into my pajamas and lay in bed while performing my blue light treatment to relax from my day. There’s something about the warming of the skin and the air compression noise that legit just puts me to sleep.

I have been using this device for about two weeks and have yet to experience any negative side effects; there’s been no itching, burning, or redness. In fact, I have to say that my skin is doing incredible. The first week that I was using the device, I would wake up each morning after using the device the night before with one less pimple, and it’s basically the skincare equivalent to finding $20 on the ground.

Now, I did have a derm appointment booked from months ago, so I still visited her because you know how damn hard it is to get into those offices. I brought the device to show her and, even with the acne medication she prescribed to me, she told me that it would be safe to use. She actually raved about the device herself.

I wanted to include the stats from the device’s box so you guys can see the greatness for yourself:

After 3 weeks: Over 90% of users report fewer and milder breakouts, with 70% of blemishes cleared.

After 4 weeks: Blemishes continue to disappear, as 93% of users report a healthier appearance.

After 8 weeks: 100% (!!!!) experience improved overall appearance, with 97% seeing greater skin clarity.

Overall, I have to say that I could not be happier to have come across this device. It literally is one of the most amazing devices for clearing acne out there. I’ve used basically everything on the market and after all the redness, irritation, itching and peeling, I’m happy to be using a device that works under the surface to prevent acne from reappearing. Basically, this is my desert island product and I’m already starting to refer to it as bae.

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