"Pretty Little Liars" Celebrates 100 Episodes

When we’re not busy analyzing the ridiculous costumes they wear on their show, it seems like everything we say about the Pretty Little Liars cast is sparkled with praise for their insightful, body positive attitudes. Each of the four stars has spoken up, at one point or another, about the importance of taking images in the media with a grain of salt. Troian Bellisario, who plays the super-sleuthing Spencer Hastings, is perhaps the most willing to speak out about important issues, and her latest interview with Larry King is exceptionally honest and powerful.

When asked about her experience with anorexia as a college student, Troian dropped a handful of well-crafted truth bombs:

I was speaking with somebody who was an alcoholic and they said, “Alcohol isn’t the problem. It’s the solution to the problem.” And anorexia isn’t the problem. It’s the solution to the problem. So when somebody says, “Okay, I’m going to sit down with you and talk about what you’re feeling, what’s causing you to not want to eat,” you start to begin to address the problem and then you can get back into healthy eating habits.

Wow. That’s such an obvious way to look at mental illness, but I feel like our culture tries to band-aid the symptoms without fully addressing the cause. I’m always impressed with the things Troian says in interviews, but that might be my new favorite quote. Later, when asked if she considers herself a role model, she endeared me even more:

I hope. I definitely hope. I mean, I’ve been put in a position of power and I would hope to give positive influence rather than negative influence.

She definitely does that. What a badass.

If you’re interested in seeing the entire interview, it premiers today on Ora.tv’s Larry King Now, which you can watch here. If you’re interested in seeing another recap of her ridiculous Pretty Little Liars wardrobe, a new one will be up on The Gloss tomorrow morning!

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