Can we just be honest here? Tyra Banks is one very odd duck.

Not that we have anything against odd ducks. In fact, we love odd ducks. And Tyra is one of the oddest.

We began to notice it a few seasons back on “ANTM,” when she started busting out with crazy skits, wearing non-modelling related costumes, and coming up with words like “smize” that she continues to insist are real things. But now, with the release of her new-ish book Modelland, Tyra has embarked on one of her oddest stunts yet.

In this video, up over at the Huffington Post, Tyra traipses about the streets of New York dressed, we think, as a character from her book. Along with a posse of four other girls, she hits the subways, stores and yes, even the 7-11’s of the city. When some brazen onlooker on the subway asks her what she’s doing on the subway, she replies, “We’re trying to find Modelland…where is Modelland? Where is Modelland?”