Last night at a literary fundraiser called The Moth Ball, former model and current pretty girl torturer Tyra Banks wore some rather unfortunate makeup:

As you can see, in addition to taking eye makeup tips from Taylor Momsen, Tyra chose an odd combination of things to apply to her facial region. Was she trying to channel a literal moth? Because even if she was, that still wouldn’t explain the bright pink lipstick and graduation tassel earrings.

While Tyra Banks lost me as a fan the second she decided to be horrible and condescending to Sasha Grey (and sex workers in general) on national television, I’ve always thought she had a pretty good sense of style, so this kind of astounds me. Have the makeup artists of New York decided to act out passive aggressively until someone realizes they want to be paid more, or is she planning a third career as a raccoon? No matter the cause, I think we can all agree that matters aren’t helped by her marked lack of smizing.

(Via The Daily Mail)