Congratulations are in order for one Tyra Banks, who graduated Harvard Business School over the weekend. The supermodel-turned-TV-host told Bloomberg Businessweek that while in school, she learned how to apply a business model to her existing career.

“In second term we talked about a tactic that’s highly risky—you take such a leap forward in one direction that you burn the bridge to go backwards,” she told Bloomberg. “I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, is that what I did when I retired from modeling and walked off the Victoria’s Secret runway and told the entire world, ‘I am retired!’ before I even had my talk show renewed?'”

Yes. Yes, that is what you did. To great success.

She also said that the classes that intimidated her most were finance.

“For me, finance is intimidating. When the chalkboard starts to look like Einstein’s chalkboard, I’m like, ‘whoa!'”