If you’ve ever watched “America’s Next Top Model,” you know that a smize gone wrong is really a horrible thing to behold. Young woman after young woman on the show can be seen staring at cameras attempting to smize, and instead portraying a range of emotions including anything from hunger to confusion to abject apathy.

On last night’s episode of Conan O’Brien, our favorite funny redhead reminded us all of this when his guest, Tyra Banks, tried to get him to smize (smile with one’s eyes, a modeling term that Tyra coined). Tyra was on the show promoting her book, and also trying (we think) to show the world how she’s the next Oprah. It didn’t take long for her to bring up smizing and demonstrate it, and then give Conan a brief instruction.

In case you hadn’t heard, smizing is defined as “smiling with one’s eyes.” During Conan’s lesson, a couple of things went wrong. First, Tyra told Conan to “put me inside your core” after Conan revealed that his happy thought — the thought he was supposed to portray with his eyes — was that he was sitting there with her. Then, a wayward audience member fucked with Conan’s smize by waving at him. Finally, Conan stared blankly at the camera, causing the audience to erupt into laughter until he revealed that they had just witnessed his real effort.

Here’s the video. The smizing starts at about 4:19, but the whole interview is pretty amusing.

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