lord and berry ultimate touch eraser pencilHow many times have you made a makeup mistake and wish there was an easier way than potentially smudging the rest of your flawless look when you try to correct the mistake? You know that lip pencil that had a mind of its own or the black eyeliner that was a little too Pete Wentz (The horror!) for your taste? I’ve discovered a handy little pencil that is sure to make your life a lot easier in this department and it won’t break the bank.

Lord & Berry’s Ultimate Touch Eraser Pencil (only $9!) is an essential to any makeup bag. This clear glycerin-like pencil magically erases any mistakes and easily glides across your skin. I found that for shadows, both cream and powder, that it simply vanishes. However for things like a dark eyeliner, it will work a little differently. Instead of covering it up so that it disappears, it “melts” it and you’ll simply have to take a Q-tip and gently swipe it across it. It disappears just leaving the rest of your makeup perfectly intact.

I think I can safely add this to my can’t live without category.

*Photo Credit: Amazon