unaccounted locks of love donations

For children with alopecia, cancer and other illnesses that result in hair loss, a wig can be a chance to not worry about something they have lost and, oftentimes, to gain some of their confidence back since the process of losing hair is often frightening and traumatizing in itself. Charitable organization Locks of Love has famously represented this hopeful step, as it manufactures wig pieces from donated hair, then supplies those wigs to kids who need them but may not be able to afford one due to medical bills or other expenses. However, the nonprofit has come under fire recently, with $6 million in donations being unaccounted for.

Nonprofit Investor, a website that looks into the goings on of nonprofits to ensure contributions are going into the intended direction and not elsewhere, found that Locks of Love has somehow managed to fit under the radar with some potentially shady business practices. Despite being a well-thought of not-for-profit organization, their numbers simply do not add up. I could go through each of those statistics, but since everybody loves infographics, here’s the helpful one Nonprofit Investor created:

unaccounted locks of love donations infographic

It’s not like anybody wants to go on a witch hunt against Locks of Love; they have certainly done a lot of good for the world. But shouldn’t those who donate money and hair be able to see where their donations are actually going?

Images: Shutterstock & Nonprofitinvestor.com.