One of the big trends we saw in 2016 was fancy makeup brushes. Why would you have a set of plain black makeup brushes when you could have ones inspired by lightsabers, unicorn horns or magical wands? Gorgeous themed brushes is a trend that is already continuing into 2017 thanks to Unicorn Lashes‘ beautiful mermaid brushes.

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If you’re looking to unleash your inner mermaid, look no further than these brushes. Cosmopolitan UK reported that the @TrendMood1 Instagram posted a sneak peek of the magical makeup brushes from Unicorn Lashes. You probably remember Unicorn Lashes as the good people who gave us unicorn and rose gold unicorn makeup brushes. Well, it looks like there’s more to them than unicorn horns thanks to the mermaid brushes.

The photo shows four brushes with different mermaid-themed fins as the handles. There is a stunning blue and red design, a dark green one, a green, blue and purple, ombre design, and a bold red. In addition to having different “fins,” each of the brushes has a different head depending on what you want to contour, apply blush, or create a flawless strobing look.

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The post is vague about whether the brushes will in fact make it into production, but we guarantee that there are countless mermaids out there who would snap these things up in an instant. Mermaid highlighter is great, but it’s even better when you apply it with a mermaid makeup brush.