Unicorn Snot

2016 may have technically been the year of the monkey, but in the beauty world, it was definitely the year of the unicorn. It seemed like almost every makeup brand released some unicorn-inspired makeup shade or created products with packaging inspired by the magical creature. When you add in unicorn hair and unicorn eyeliner, other trends just could not compete. To close out the year, we have one more unicorn product that is going viral: Unicorn Snot.

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It might not have the prettiest name, but make no mistake that the Unicorn Snot Glitter Gel for Body and Face is just as magical as any of the other whimsical beauty products. The product may not be brand-spanking-new, but it has recently gained a surge in popularity thanks in part to everyone looking for glitter for their New Year’s Eve looks.

Unicorn Snot Set

The Unicorn Glitter Snot is getting rave reviews because it comes in a range of cheerful shades that go on sheer when you apply them. You can pick between your choice of pink, silver, purple, gold, yellow and blue glitters from FCTRY for $9.99 each. If you cannot choose one, you can also pick up a Unicorn Snot Set that contains five glitters for $29.99.

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And if you want even more shimmer, you can also get Unicorn Snot Lip Glosses. They’re available in blue, gold, pink, purple and silver. They cost $5.99 each or you can pick up a set for $29.99.

Unicorn Snot Gloss

No matter what products you choose, you will be able to embrace your inner unicorn for New Year’s Eve and beyond.

(Photos: FCTRY)