Amber Heard Magic Mike Premiere BraidBraids are a quintessential summer hairstyle. The can keep your hair off your sweaty neck and get your greasy bangs off your forehead. And they look really good with a hat. A side braid is still one of the most popular looks but there are other unique braids that you should try. You could wear your hair down and only braid the front section, you could try the festival-favorite halo braid or you can try your hand at a fishtail braid.

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Here are 16 braids that you should try out this summer:

1. Braided PonytailBraided Ponytail

Amp up your basic ponytail by incorporating a braid into it. The placement on this low side braid is great but don’t be afraid to switch it around.

2. Draped French BraidDraped French Braid

If you like to wear your hair down, this loose french braid is a great option. It gets your hair off your face and is much more interesting than just throwing on a headband.

3. Braided Front LayersBraided Front Layers

Braids work on almost any hair length, unless you have a shaved style like Amber Rose. This braid would look stunning on any hair length.

4.  Braided UpdoBraided Updo

This updo is gorgeous from all angles. If you happen to find yourself on a red carpet (or any event where you’re going to be photographed a lot) this hairstyle doesn’t have a boring side.

5. Sweeping BraidSweeping Braid Updo

It’s completely understandable if you want to keep lowering your head so people can get the full effect of your look. However, you should know that it looks just as good when you keep your neck in a more comfortable position.

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6. Easy Braided BunBraided Bun

You don’t need to allow 20 minutes to create this hairstyle. Cute hair accessory optional, though recommended.

7. Braided MohawkBraided Mohawk

Anyone can rock a mohawk. This tight braid gives the illusion of a shaved head but you don’t have to worry about awkward regrowth.

8. Senegalese Twists UpdoSengalese Twists Updo

Here’s another faux hawk style. The volume at the crown is the perfect height.

9. Double Braid HeadbandDouble Braid Headband

Tousled hair and braids is a great combination. This double braid hairstyle can easily be adapted to work with shorter lengths.

10. Five-Strand Dutch BraidFive-Strand Dutch Braid

You can probably do a regular three-strand braid in your sleep, so mastering a five-braid shouldn’t be too much trouble. Don’t be intimidated by it.

11. Intersecting BraidsIntersecting Braid

If you’re still not sure about braided pigtails, try these skinny intersecting braids for all your summer concerts.

12. Double Halo BraidTwists And Halo Braid

This is a great effortless summer hairstyle. Mixing the two different braids adds interesting texture but you could also try mixing twists and braids.

13. Pull-Through Fishtail BraidPull-Through Fishtail Braid

This braid combines the pull-through and fishtail braid techniques. Plus, it is thick enough to give Elsa hair envy.

14. Braided BackTurquoise Purple Blue Bun

Add some interest to your top knot with a braided back. The style will still look good with one-color hair, but the rainbow dye job really enhances it.

15. Flower BraidFlower Braid

How pretty is this? You don’t need a hair accessory, you can just use your own hair. Try a cluster of flowers for an ethereal look.

16. Braided Ballerina BunBraided Ballerina Bun

Channel your inner dancer with a ballerina bun. It’s a lot better than wearing a leotard.

(Photo: Samir Hussein/Getty Images)