What we want with our eyeshadow palettes is versatility and amazing colors. At the end of the day, a pretty package means nothing if we only use one or two colors from the palette. We want a palette where we will wear all the colors for different occasions. The Urban Decay Distortion Palette ticks all of the boxes, and more.

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Urban Decay already made us want to expand our eyeshadow collection with the recent launch of the all-metallic Heavy Metal Palette. Now, they’re launching the Distortion palette which encourages us to play with our shadows to create next level, color-shifting looks.

At first, the Urban Decay Distortion Palette doesn’t look that different from your average eyeshadow palette. It comes in a chic geode-like package with 15 different colors. The difference is that the bottom two rows of the eyeshadow palette are base colors. When you apply a color in the top row over top, they completely transform to create a new look.

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You can mix all of the colors together and try layering different bases and top coats. No matter what you do, you’ll get a multidimensional effect. Plus, you’re getting an infinite number of color combinations out of the 15 shadows.

Excited? You don’t have to wait long to start playing around. The new Urban Decay Distortion Palette will launch in December.

The Urban Decay Distortion Palette launches in December.