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Fashion and art frequently combine to produce amazing results. Just think of all of the times fashion designers have teamed up with artists and produced collections that instantly sold out. Well, Urban Decay is showing that when beauty and art collide, the results are just as magical with its new UDxBasquiat collection.

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Urban Decay made the big announcement that it has created a collection inspired by the late, influential contemporary artist Jean-Michel Basquiat. And if you want another reason to love the launch, Urban Decay ambassador Ruby Rose is fronting the line.

@RubyRose. UD x Jean-Michel Basquiat. This is beauty with an edge. #UDxBasquiat #UrbanDecay

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Basquiat was a sculptor and painter who is widely known for his bold use of color and graffiti-style artworks. Based on the preview photos of the makeup line that Urban Decay has released on social media, Basquiat’s style is clearly reflected in both the packaging and the colors.

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Art history buffs will recognize some of Basquiat’s iconic works on the packages. And if you’re not familiar with them, the line will probably make you a fan. Add in some gorgeous makeup shades and you have yourself a range that will earn pride of place in your makeup bag.

Urban Decay did not give a release date for the collection, but the brand did describe it as “very limited edition” so that means there is no messing around when the line launches…especially when you consider that this is the closest the majority of us will ever get to owning a Basquiat.