Urban Decay kills it with pretty much every launch. Just see its recent Basquiat collection and its skincare range launch for proof of that. However, the one thing that is guaranteed to drive people wild is any new Naked collection launch. Since the first Naked palette launched, the products just keep getting better and better. And the latest addition, the Urban Decay Skin Shapeshifter palette, is perfect for those who want more Naked products for their face.

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Instead of an eyeshadow palette, we’re getting a proper palette for our faces. And it’s a versatile one, too. The palette is meant for highlighting, contouring and color correcting. The palette gets its “Naked” touch because it features subtle shades for a softer, natural look. That means you don’t have to worry about a stripy finish.

There are two colorways available for the palette: one for lighter skin tones and one suited for medium to dark skin tones. From the photos, each of the palettes appears to have four powder shades and five cream ones. The palette also includes a dual-sided brush with a fan brush on one side and a smaller round brush on the other that will allow you to effectively chisel and contour your face.

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Urban Decay has previously released a Naked highlighting palette and blush, but the latest launch promises to be a versatile product you will be able to use on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Urban Decay has kept quiet about when the  Naked Skin Shapeshifter palette launches, but watch this space for updates.