Urban Outfitters photoshop model leg 2Ah, to be young and a model for a major company with access to expensive photo editors. You’re pretty, you’re staring demurely at a camera whilst wearing comfy clothes in the home equivalent of Pinterest mason jar art, and then bam–your legs have been removed and reassembled by Photoshop.

In an email literally titled, “LOUNGIN’ ✓,” Urban Outfitters posted several images of models looking cute, making out, hanging around in a fancy hipster cottage that makes me really want to go away for the next few weeks to the middle of nowhere. But then, there was one photo that stood out. One that just didn’t sit, or stand, quite right with the eye.

Urban Outfitters photoshop model legEr, ouch. On top of the fact that this model’s skin now belongs to Patrick Swayze‘s character in Ghost, it also appears as though it has been moved about six inches away from her actual torso. It’s like when you accidentally pull the leg off a Barbie and then try to put it back on; it might be possible to shove back onto her, but it doesn’t actually look right.

But hey! Perhaps this is a brand new trend that all the cool kids are trying to pull off. (Hyuck.) Maybe the “layers we love the most” actually refers to the layers of skin now separating this poor model’s leg from the rest of her body, and it’s secretly a very comfortable position that certified free-range organic yoga instructors only know. These are the conclusions I am left to draw from this image, lest I must simply settle for the explanation of “Urban Outfitters seriously cannot hire capable human beings despite the fact that they basically sell Walmart bulk shirts for $24 a piece.”

[h/t PS Disasters]