Gird your loins and have one hand ready to put over your eyes because this video about vaginal weightlifting is a doozy. I actually hate it when people call things “a doozy” (it reminds me of dump trucks and bulldozers) but this….well, it’s really a doozy.

[youtube_iframe id=”E1IFDO7KHAE”]

This video made entitled “10 Reasons to Lift Weights with Your Vagina,” is…confusing. It seems to be giving some legitimate reasons why you should use vaginal weights (like that kegels don’t work and that strengthening your pelvic muscles can improve your orgasms and sex life). But then, the footage that accompanies the tips is crazy ridiculous! Like, the woman winning beer pong by popping a ping pong ball out of her vagina?! The woman pulling her boyfriend up a mountain using her vagina?! I love it, but I don’t think I’m supposed to take it seriously. Or am I?

I’m no stranger to the news that kegels aren’t necessarily the amazing cure-all Samantha on Sex and the City led us to believe. Read this article, if you want to know more. But are vaginal weights really the answer? The weights are real (Check ’em out at Vagacare), although I doubt that most users use them the way the vaginal weightlifting champion in the video does because HOLY GOD OUCH AND WHOA. But I’m sure there are many women for whom using weights in the vagina has improved their quality of life. Are you one? Tell me all about it because wow.

Either way, I think creator Kim Anami‘s goal was to get people talking about vaginal weights and well, about her and her work as a sex coach. And she succeeded at that! The language on her site saying that “every woman has a weak, under-performing, under-pleasuring vagina,” though? It raises my heckles a bit, but maybe that’s a topic for another post.

I am pretty sure at this point in time, my vagina is too lazy and unmotivated to lift weights, no matter how good it might make my sex life. But I’ll never say never!

Photo: Kim Anami via YouTube