Valentine’s Day is just under a month away which means it’s perfectly acceptable to start thinking about your V-Day look. We’re not just talking about shopping for a sexy dress to wear on your big date on February 14. We’re talking about nail art. After all, there’s no better way to celebrate a holiday than with some themed nail art. When it comes to Valentine’s Day, you cannot get anymore festive than hearts.

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Here are 12 adorable heart nail art ideas to try for Valentine’s Day:

1. Glitter Base and Heart Tips

This is so magical.


2. Black And White

For the girl who likes Valentine’s Day, but isn’t crazy about red and pink.


3. Heart French Manicure

This is one unique twist on a French Manicure.


4. Red Heart Tips

So simple but so sweet.


5. Black And Pale Pink Hearts

A surprising and chic combination.


6. Hearts and Polka Dots

Heart, heart, heart.


7. Purple and Red Hearts

That color combination…


8. Pink Nails With Silver and Red Heart Accents

This is so sweet.


9. Purple Nails With Tiny Hearts

Try something besides pink and red.


10. White Cutout Heart

For all negative space manicure fans.


11. Multicolored Pastel Hearts

A pretty change to the classic look.


12. Tiny Hearts

Look at those lil hearts.