Valentine's Day Love Manicure(Photo: Pinterest)

It’s February, aka the month of love. When you were a kid, you probably showed your love for friends and family by sending them fun cartoon cards and heart-shaped candy. You might still do that, but another way you can get into the V-Day spirit is with your manicure. Think of your nails as 10 mini Valentine’s Day cards. That doesn’t mean you should try to write an epic love poem on them. That is something only skilled manicurists should attempt. Instead, you can decorate them with hearts, arrows and plenty of pink and red.

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Here are 14 Valentine’s Day nail art ideas you will love:

1. Sparkly HeartValentine's Day Sparkly Heart Nail Art

Paint your nails your favorite shade of soft pink nail polish. Then add a sparkly heart on a white accent nail. It’s a simple look, but it’s very eye-catching.

2. Heart BalloonsValentine's Day Heart Balloons Nail Art

These heart-shaped balloons are a clever way to incorporate the Valentine’s Day theme, but they aren’t as obvious as some Valentine’s Day symbols.

3. Polka Dots and HeartsValentine's Day Polka Dots and Hearts Nail Art

Polka dots may not be the first thing you think of when you think about Valentine’s Day, but they work well with this heart manicure. Plus, even nail art newbies can recreate polka dots.

4. Scrabble LoveValentine's Day Love Nail art

Love neutral nail polish and a game of Scrabble? This is the manicure for you. This look could work with any different base color.

5. Heart French ManicureValentine's Day French Manicure Nail Art

Here’s how to update your french manicure for Valentine’s Day. The best part about it is it doesn’t matter if you have a perfect line between your white tips and pink base because the hearts cover it up.

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6. Heart CandyValentine's Day Heart Candy Nail Art

No Valentine’s Day manicure list would be complete without at least one candy heart manicure. You can keep the sayings traditional or personalize them.

7. Cupid ArrowValentine's Day Cupid Arrow Nail Art

Rendering an actual Cupid on your nail would take some skill. There’s no need to paint a cherub when you can just recreate the arrow with a heart. It gets the same message across.

8. Heart EnvelopesValentine's Day Heart Envelopes Nail Art

This is a clever idea. It’s also a good option if you aren’t the biggest fan of red and pink polishes. You could also try doing little kisses instead of hearts on the back of the envelopes.

9. HeartbeatValentine's Day Heartbeat Nail Art

This is my heartbeat….You may have that song permanently stuck in your head if you’re wearing this nail art, but at least it works with the romantic theme.

10. Blowing KissValentine's Day Blowing Kiss Manicure

Say, “Muah.” This manicure is literally sealed with a kiss. The graphic black, white and red pattern makes it a standout.

11. Heart TipsValentine's Day Heart Tips Nail Art

Here is another clever twist on the regular french manicure. If you already have stiletto nails, this is so easy to do. Add a few highlights to the hearts so they look 3D.

12. XOXOValentine's Day XOXO Nail Art

Combine xoxo’s, hearts and kisses for one statement Valentine’s Day manicure. The addition of the black nail polish stops it from being sweetness overload.

13. Heart ArrowsValentine's Day Heart Arrows Manicure

No one would want that many Cupid’s arrows being shot at them at once, but it makes for a very pretty mani.

14. Kiss PrintValentine's Day Kiss Print

You do not want kiss prints all over their partner’s face, but they are perfectly fine on your nails. Don’t worry if they’re not perfect because no lip print ever is.