Fashion brands expanding into beauty is pretty much expected, but it’s still exciting when a new launch is revealed. Case in point: The big reveal that L’Oreal and Valentino are joining forces to launch a beauty brand.

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The L’Oreal Group made the announcement on Twitter on May 28. It revealed that Valentino and L’Oreal signed a worldwide long-term license agreement “for the creation, development and distribution of fine fragrances and luxury beauty.”

The L’Oreal press release didn’t reveal too many further details besides stating that it will appeal to the millennial customer and be a combination of prestige and modernity.

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Another key detail about the agreement is that it comes into effect as of January 1, 2019. That means that we can hopefully expect products around that time.

We’ll be keeping you updated with further details and crossing our fingers for some product teasers. If the Valentino fragrances already on the market are anything to go by, this launch is going to be very exciting.