Vanessa Hudgens hair color

Recently, Vanessa Hudgens debuted a brand new hairstyle on the red pink carpet for ULTA Beauty’s 2nd annual Donate With a Kiss Event in New York City. I’m just really, really confused as to what the stylist was going for. The look:

Vanessa Hudgens hair color

It appears to consist of at least 3 different colors and is sort of ombre, but simultaneously kind of…something else. Tri-tone? Colorblocking? Extremely unrealistic highlights? She also posted this photo to Instagram showcasing the style:

Vanessa Hudgens hair

I like ombre hair once in a while, but personally, it has never been that appealing to me. And this particular hair color combination isn’t even a gradual progression from darker to lighter shades; it is an ultra-dramatic one. I even think the top two shades, the red and the brown, would be fine together; it’s that intense honey blonde hue I just am not so sure about. It reminds me of when hairstylists have just come out of beauty school so they apply every color at once to prove they’re good at dyeing stuff.

Hudgens’ last hairstyle:

Vanessa Hudgens hair color

Obviously, it goes without saying that if this makes her happy, she should do it regardless. I mean, I dye my hair all the time (I just had an ugly blonde streak in it for like a year), but as per usual, being a celebrity and making paid public appearances on red carpets kinda opens you up to criticism for your fashion and beauty choices. To be honest, I don’t completely hate the hairstyle — as Daily Mail said,* Hudgens hair looks “autumnal,” so on the bright side, it makes me want to eat candy apples and go on a haunted hayride.

*As a side note, I am genuinely shocked to not be quoting something awful or incredibly disagreeable from Daily Mail.

Photos: Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/, Instagram