Here at TheGloss, we can’t get enough of extreme body modification paired with extended adolescence. The latest in a line of many circle lens-wearers is fifteen-year-old Venus Angelic, ostensibly a personal style blogger, who dresses like a doll. So goes her blog’s welcome:

Im a girl, and I like girly things! Just like this heart here, which is for you ♡! BY THE WAY! I’m a youtuber making videos! (youtube user VenusAngelic) I make videos about how to style Japanese and other things you dont even think about that they could be what they are! Because my sparkling personality, my voice and my me exists only once in this entire universe, you better subscribe!

Venus, along with her mother Margaret Palermo, appeared on British morning show Daybreak. Palermo defends Venus, saying, “I  would be horrified if she came home pregnant, I am not horrified if she is innocent and [a] very nice, good girl who likes some cute clothes and frills and ribbons.” Since we do not live in a world of false dilemmas, one might also say that the best outcome for teenage girls is not getting pregnant and not aspiring to be a doll.

The talk show does a efficient job of spinning this into “catastrophic psychological problems” territory, when it’s clear they’ve just never really encountered kawaii culture (or is this lolita?)… and this isn’t even a very extreme example at that. Moreover, Venus’ sartorial inclinations don’t appear to be doing anyone any harm, other than that it looks strange.

Honestly, we’re way more disturbed by Kim Kardashian.



(via The Daily Mail)